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Flipkart credit card offers

Flipkart which is a much known online shopping website of India is now providing best cashback and discount offers to its customers this year. Flipkart has a very large number of products of different categories and varieties like electronics, men’s, women’s, home and furniture, books and games, sports and other, etc. Flipkart Credit provide us  Flipkart offers on credit cards and cash back offers also on categories like Laptop and PCs, smartphones and tablets, clothing and shoes, books and video games, movies, sports kits and gym items, etc.

The cash back offers and discounts provided by Flipkart always excites the customers as these help to save money. There are many cash back coupons available with us. For a single type of product we will provide you more than 100 coupons, so that you can choose from this much number of coupons which will increase the chances of savings. Flipkart provides Flipkart credit card offer and cash back discounts regularly so that if once anyone has missed a coupon he won’t miss it next time. This not only help customers but also Flipkart as customers would visit their site time to time thinking that they must not miss any chance to save money.

List of credit card offers on Flipkart

Flipkart creditWe are sure that you really very much excited after listening about fascinating cash back offers of Flipkart. Now, you must be thinking that the cash back offers are for debit or credit cards of some banks only or all the banks in India. The answer to your question is that it allows us to apply cash back offer through credit card offer on Flipkart or debit card of all the bank of India. And in the month of June, 2016 you will see many cash back offers. Thus, whether you are using credit or debit card of HDFC Bank or SBI Bank, Bank of Baroda or Oriental Bank of India, Kotak Mahindra Bank or Yes bank, you will see cash back offer on purchase through all the bank of India.

1. State Bank of India: Credit Card Offers on Flipkart, Cash Back Offer

Flipkart has done a deal with SBI to provide special cash back offers to their customers those are using SBI credit and debit cards. The SBI card holders are eligible for an additional 10% instant cashback (Maximum = Rs 1750 per card) on buying any item worth more than Rs 5,999 on some special occasions. This proves that cashback offers are designed in such a way that clients with different requirements and financial status can avail the most of these offers.

2. HDFC: Flipkart Credit Card Offers&Debit Card Cash Back Offer

If you are having a debit or credit card of HDFC bank than you can have an extra 7.5% cash back on buying any product from Flipkart. For this you have to purchase a product of minimum value of Rs. 5000. Maximum cash back can be of Rs.1750 on each card.

3. ICICI: Credit Card Offers on Flipkart, Additional 10% Discount

You must be very happy to see the cash back offers of Flipkart if you are using credit or debit card of ICICI bank. Flipkart offers on credit cards allow anyone is having a credit or debit card of ICICI bank than he can have an extra discount of 10% of the product. This is applicable only if you will make a transaction through website of Flipkart or app of Flipkart by ICICI cards.

4. Citibank: Flipkart Offers on Credit Cards, Cashbackfor Card Holders

If you are a Citibank credit or debit card user, then you will be glad to know that you can have an additional discount of 10% on purchase of any product of Flipkart but that product must be more than the minimum price that is given. And, you can have a maximum discount of Rs 2000.

5. Axis Bank: Flipkart credit card offer, Cash Back Offer for Card Holders

If you are using credit or debit card of Axis Bank than you will get extra 10 % cash back while buying a product from Flipkart for a minimum purchase of Rs. 5000. And, you can have maximum discount of Rs. 2000 on each card. Flipkart credit card offer will only be applicable if you are using Flipkart mobile app to buy a product.

6. Yes Bank: Flipkart Credit Card Offers, Cashback viaCards

If you are using credit or debit card of Yes Bank than you will be dancing after getting the big news. The good news for Yes Bank credit or debit card user is that they will have an additional 15% on buying a product from Flipkart. And the best part of credit card offer on Flipkart is that this can be applicable on minimum price of just Rs. 2000. By this, you can have maximum cash back of Rs. 1000 on every purchase of Flipkart Fashion and Lifestyle category.

7. Standard Chartered: Flipkart credit card offer for Card Users

If you are using Standard Chartered Card then you can get extra 10% discount on purchasing a product from Flipkart then applying Standard Chartered debit or credit card. After this you will immediately get 10% cash back when purchasing a product of price more than Rs. 5000.

8. American Express: Credit Card Offer on Flipkart Discount on Card

If you are an American Express Card owner than you are very lucky because an American Express card user will get an extra 15% discount while buying a product from Flipkart. So, if you want to save money that you just have to buy any product of minimum price of Rs 10000. And you can get a maximum discount of Rs 2500.